Does 1800graphix ship overseas or the United States?
Yes, we do but shipping charges will apply.
I have an idea but it's not on the website?
Please send us an e-mail at info@1800graphix.com with the specifications of what you need done and we will assist you!
Can i resale your products?
Yes of course, absolutely! Here at 1800graphix we offer tools and customer service for clients whom would would like to resale products!
Does 1800graphix offer price match?
The products that we offer are hand selected and are the best in the market. We dont just sell products, we offer solutions to our customers. The materials used are highly competetive in terms of industry standards which will ensure a quality product in return.
Does 1800graphix have a return policy
Items are only refunded if there is a print defect from our manufacturing plants. We would advise you to take a photo of the defective product and send it to info@1800graphix.com. We will get back to you shortly with an answer. Please allow three business days so our forensic team can investigate the subject of the manner. Don't forget we are consumers as well and understand.